Sandvik Belt Flaker

This solidification system utilizes a stainless steel belt cooler, which can be adapted to meet specific process requirements such as product thickness, temperature profile or processing times. The molten product is delivered onto the steel belt via feed device, forming a film that is taken up by the running steel belt. Retaining strips of Neoprene or rubber prevent the product from spilling over the edge of the steel belt.

The steel belt is sprayed on the underside with water from nozzles carefully positioned to ensure uniform cooling, resulting in controlled and even solidification. The heat released during cooling and solidification is eliminated through the steel belt with its excellent thermal conductivity.

The cooling water is collected in tanks and drained through an integral collecting pipe. There is no contact between the coolant and product, so there is no risk of cross contamination.

At the cooler end, a crusher breaks the solid product layer into small irregular flakes. The breaker is individually designed according to product type, the flake size required and the capacity of the plant. After leaving the crusher, the flakes are fed into a chute for collecting and further processing.

Key Features
• Dimensions: 16 " W x 20' L
• Belt speed: 4-40 feet per minute
• Cooling temperature: 0-25 degrees C
• Feed vessel: 50 gal 316 SS temp capability up to 250 deg C
• Casting bar (jacketted): 14 nozzles spaced 1" apart
• Jacket temperature range: Up to 250 deg C

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