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Contract Manufacturing
Why Outsource?
Outsourcing your processing requirements can give you access to levels of expertise and equipment that might otherwise be lacking in your own organization.

Your plant might not have sufficient capacity at the right time, your operators and engineers may lack the necessary expertise to execute a particular chemistry, or you may not even have all the regulatory permits required — any or all of these might persuade you to consider taking your production out of house to a toll processor or contract manufacturer.
Tolling/Contract Manufacturing
Hampford Research has the skills needed to bring your product to market, at price points that enhance your ability to compete…while typically bringing a project to full commercial production in a matter of months – sometimes even weeks.

The capabilities of our main production plant can produce products in up to multi-ton quantities. We have a wide variety of equipment sizes and materials of construction which enable us to provide the optimum solution to our customer's production needs

Hampford Research provides a greater degree of flexibility to our customers by offering tolling and semi-tolling manufacturing services. We have a wide variety of options available for our tolling operations including tolling of products from all customer supplied materials to customer supply of only critical materials.

Tolling arrangements can be made for products in a wide variety of volumes from kilo to multi-ton scale. Quality control of tolling products is provided with the same degree of care as our other products.
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Production Plant Equipment
1 - 500 Gallon Alloy 20
1 - 500 Gallon Hastelloy C-22
1 - 500 Gallon 316 Stainless Steel
3 - 500 Gallon Glass Lined
2 - 750 Gallon Glass Lined
1 - 1000 Gallon Hastelloy C-276
2 - 1000 Gallon Glass Lined
1 - 2000 Gallon Hastelloy C-276
1 - 2000 Gallon Glass Lined
1 - 0.5 sq. meter Zwag Filter Dryer
2 - 25 cu. Ft. Double Cone Vacuum Dryers
1 - 13 cu. Ft. Rotary Vacuum Dryer

1 - 25 cu. Ft. Rotary Vacuum Dryer
1 - 40 cu. Ft. Rotary Vacuum Dryer
8 - Vacuum Shelf/Tray Dryers
2 - 24"x14" Centrifuges
1 - 30"x15" Centrifuge
1 - 32"x20" Centrifuge
2 - 48"x30" Centrifuges
1 - 25 sq. Ft. 316 S.S. Wiped Film Evaporator
1 - 9 cu. Ft. Littleford Turbomixer
1 - 20"x22" Sandvik Belt Flaker
1 - Littleford FKM-600D
1 - Fitzmill Model # DAS 06
1 - Vector/Cohn Granulator Model # 540
2 - Stokes Delumpers Model # 43-4
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