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At Hampford Research, we can take an idea and make it a reality. We are experienced in teaming with customers to develop new chemical compounds, modify existing processes, or test and manufacture from your formulas.
In our quality Manufacturing facility we can produce newly developed chemicals, or just as effectively manufacture from your formulas. We have the expertise and capabilities to provide the optimum solution to our customers' production needs.
Once Lab work is completed, and a final chemical process perfected, we are capable of testing these newly developed formulas from kilo quantities through Pilot Plant, assuring quality, purity, and efficiency at every step along the way.
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Hampford Research Capabilities
For over 30 years, Hampford Research has worked within the chemical industry to produce high-quality chemicals to the specialized needs of our customers.

We offer a wide selection of standardized chemicals with emphasis on: Photoinitiators, Functional IR & Near IR Dyes, Display Materials, and Specialty Monomers.

At Hampford Research we also excel in developing improved commercial processes for known chemicals (i.e., improving yields and purity) and new synthetic routes for less well-known chemicals.

We can take an idea from concept and Lab development through Scale-up and testing, to full volume production. We work with our customers at each step along the way to assure 100% satisfaction and adherence to exceedingly high standards of purity and quality.
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