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BarGuard® S

BarGuard® S is a 100% active, broad spectrum anti-microbial/preservative formulated for use in cosmetics and personal care products. It’s unique, paraben and formaldehyde free formulation makes it ideal for both leave on as well as rinse off applications. BarGuard® S contains a sorbic acid, a powerful anti mold additive making it ideal for the most challenging applications such as sunscreens and protective lotions.

Key Features
• Broad spectrum efficacy, including mold prevention
• Easily emulsifiable
• Suitable for both leave on and rinse off applications
• Free from hazardous ingredients including paraben, MIT, CIT/MIT and formaldehyde

Typical Usage
BarGuard® S can be used at concentrations as low as 0.5% by weight, and is soluble up to 1.5% in most cosmetic formulations. For maximum performance, BarGuard® S should be added directly to the water phase of the formulation and gently heated to facilitate dissolution. Care should be taken not to exceed 40 degrees C, as this may cause premature loss of efficacy.

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