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Photoacids are molecules which become more acidic upon absorption of light. This is due either to the formation of strong acids upon photodissociation, or to the dissociation of protons upon photoassociation (e.g. ring-closing). There are two main types of molecules that release protons upon illumination: photoacid generators (PAGs) and photoacids (PAHs). PAGs undergo proton photodissociation irreversibly, while PAHs are molecules that undergo proton photodissociation and thermal reassociation. In this case the excited state is strongly acidic, but reversible.

Hampford Research specializes in the development and synthesis of high purity photoacid generators with unmatched solubility, heat stability and reactivity. For more information on a PAG specific to your application, please CONTACT US.

FP code Product name Product type CAS number Market
FP5028 Bis (4-Cumyl) Iodonium Tetraphenyl Borate Photo acid generator 1158840-74-4 Printing
FP5035 Bis (4-t-butylphenyl) Iodonium Hexafluorophosphate Photo acid generator 61358-25-6 Printing
FP5041 Bis (4-t-butylphenyl) Iodonium Tetraphenylborate Photo acid generator 131725-16-1 Printing
FP5386 OPPI Photo acid generator 121239-75-6 Coatings
FP5374 LEDCUR 210L Photo acid generator 71786-70-4 Coatings
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