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Hampford Research is a leading provider of custom laser dyes, near infrared absorption dyes, dye intermediates and blends for multiple dye applications. Our unique synthesis and purification methodology assures customers of consist quality and performance. Contact us for more details.

FP Code Name Description Lambda max CAS Number
FP5200 JAW Holographic Dye 480-490 nm 125594-50-5
FP5432 SD-184 Holographic Dye 535-545 nm 154482-35-6
FP5490 TMISQ Holographic Dye 630-640 nm 12243-46-8
FP5194 IR 775 Tosylate Infrared Dye 770-780 nm 205744-92-9
FP5192 IR 813 Tosylate Infrared Dye 810-820 nm 134127-48-3
FP5188 IR 822 Tosylate Infrared Dye 820-830 nm 162411-28-1
FP5500 TLA-454 (LCV) Lueco Dye 255-265 nm 4482-70-6
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