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Innovation for the personal care industry


BarGuard® preservatives are 100% active, broad spectrum anti-microbial/preservatives formulated for use in cosmetics and personal care products. Their unique, paraben and formaldehyde free formulation makes them ideal for both leave on as well as rinse off applications. BarGuard preservatives maintain their efficacy over a wide pH range (4-10) as well as in more challenging applications such as sunscreens and protective lotions.

Key Features

• Broad spectrum efficacy even in the most difficult applications
• Easily emulsifiable into aqueous layer
• Suitable for both leave on and rinse off applications
• Free from hazardous ingredients including paraben, MIT, CIT/MIT and formaldehyde

BarGuard preservatives
FP code Trade name Composition


FP5376 BarGuard® OHS Caprylyl glycol with improved solubility Liquid at room temperature. 50% greater efficacy. Improved hydrophilic properties
FP5044 BarGuard® CP Caprylyl glycol, phenoxyethanol,hexylene glycol Broad spectrum efficacy, emollient
FP5053 BarGuard® S Caprylyl glycol, phenoxyethanol, sorbic acid Broad spectrum efficacy, emmolient, anti-mold
NEW PRODUCT! BarGuard® OM Caprylyl glycol w/ improved mold efficacy Paraben free, 2 phenoxyethanol free

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