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About Hampford Research
Hampford Research, Inc. is a specialty chemical manufacturer and an integral part of multiple, hi-tech supply chains. Located in Stratford, Connecticut, we specialize in producing high purity chemicals for worldwide customers in the electronics, coatings personal care, printing/imaging and adhesives markets. Our products can be found in of such varied products as personal electronics, such as cell phones and tablets, dental fillings and false teeth, coatings and laminants, hair products, sunscreen, as well as 3D prototype imaging.

Hampford provides its customers with R&D support, product scale-up and commercialization expertise, and toll and contract manufacturing services. We are known for providing superior technical support and intellectual property protection for our customers, many of whom are Fortune 500 companies.

Founded over thirty years ago by chemist and former Ware Chemical owner, Jack Hampford, Hampford Research is currently run by his daughter, Kate Hampford Donahue.  Although we are a small company with only 34 people on staff, we have an effective mix of long time employees and newer additions, including 11 industry/business professionals with an average experience of 19 years. The firm is an active member of the local business community and the chemical manufacturing industry.


Are you looking for a domestic source for benzil (CAS 134-81-6) or benzil based photoinitiators such as BCIM (CAS 7189-82-4) or BDK (CAS 24650-42-8)? If so, Hampford Research has you covered. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION

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